Product F.A.Q

Make the right choice.

You probably already have in mind what type of scooter or powerchair you are interested in, however have you considered all the options available especially in relation to you individual needs.

There is a myriad of different options available for an almost limitless amount of individual needs and given the expense of mobility equipment you want to make the right choice.

We are always happy to help you consider the options available and will always be on hand to advise and guide you with what is best, not forgetting your health care provider should also be able to help and advise.

What type of Mobility Scooter or Powerchair is right for you?

Whether it be for internal or external use, road legal, just for pavement use, or even something that you can transport in your car to make shopping easier there are plenty of choices.

Clearly given such a wide choice of equipment you want to make the right decision, we’d very much like to help you decide what is right for you and are more then happy to give you guidance and assurance where needed, that your prospective purchase is right for your needs. Please contact us to discuss the options available and to answer any questions you have about the equipment you need.

What Else Do I need to think About?

You’ll need to consider the distance and terrain that you want to use your equipment over, your own weight and ability will also have an effect on the equipment that you can safely handle.

If you want road legal equipment you’ll need to consider your ability to handle a bigger faster scooter, and whilst insurance is not currently compulsory like it is for a motor vehicle, you may want to consider the implications of having an accident, injuring yourself or others as well as how you would make it back home if your scooter was damaged enough to make it unusable.

With a road legal scooter you’ll need to consider where you would store and charge it, generally speaking this type of scooter does not dismantle easily and normally the batteries need to be charged on board

Portable Travel Scooters will enable you to easily dismantle them so they can be transported in a car, however the individual components can still be heavy, so you’ll need to consider if you will be able to manage the component parts yourself or if you’ll need help lifting or setting up the equipment.

Top Tip. When browsing scooters be sure to review specifications to help decide if the product is suitable for your needs. We’ll always provide full specifications from user weight limits, length, and widths as well as loads of other useful information. Don’t forget we are always on hand to help should you need any further guidance.