AgeCo Maxi Absorb Pants XLarge

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AgeCo Maxi Absorb Pants XLarge

AgeCo Maxi Absorb Pants XLarge are a highly absorbent disposable underwear that are designed for those with an active lifestyle that suffer with moderate incontinence.

The discreet design of the pants allows them to be worn under your usual garments, with no rustle, and more importantly no odour with an advanced odour control core at the heart of the underwear.

They are incredibly practical and can be worn like any regular underwear, with a highly elasticated waistband that allows them to be pulled up and down throughout the day or night.

Once used, the pant can be torn at the sides for easy removal.

The built-in wetness indicator turns blue once saturated.

The darker the indicator, the more saturated the product is, showing when the product needs to be changed.

An adhesive strip at the back of the pants allows at the point of removal to compact the pants for easy and discreet disposal.

These pull up pants are hypoallergenic, latex free and fully breathable whilst being 100% waterproof.

The breathable backing allows air to circulate and skin to breathe, helping to minimise any risks of skin irritation.

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